The Forklift Hazard Perception Challenge raises safety awareness

April 1, 2004
Keller's Forklift Hazard Perception Training video raises awareness

J. J. Keller & Associates Inc. introduces the Forklift Hazard Perception Challenge, a training program that uses interactive video to capture forklift operators' attention and enlist their participation in the training.

The program's video format teaches forklift hazard perception through a series of brief, real-life workplace scenarios similar to what forklift operators face on the job. As workers focus on each scenario, hazards appear, followed by "what-did-you-see" and "what-would-you-do" challenge questions. Workers are asked to think fast about the scenario, relate it to their work settings and record their answers on the sheets provided.

Common forklift hazards include moving forward with too large of a load; driving with forks raised; backing up without checking for pedestrians or obstructions; cornering too fast; and passing other forklifts.

The 50-minute video can be broken into separate segments, so training can be presented in a single session or spread out over several days.

Along with the video, the program includes a trainer's guide with answers to the scenarios and suggestions for training, 10 employee test sheets, 11 employee skill cards with removable receipts to help document training, and 10 training certificates.

The program is available on VHS for $259 and on DVD for $329. The DVD version offers additional features, including chapter selection, navigation and random access, and an interactive quiz with video remediation.

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