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Sept. 1, 2006

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Every month, offers a special page ( that contains extra content specifically related to articles found in the print edition.  Keep an eye out while you’re flipping through the magazine and you’ll see references to articles, white papers, news etc. related to the articles you’re reading. Bookmark and peruse all the extras as well as sift through’s archives.
Plant Services magazine extras

Steamy numbers

Hydrogen as a fuel - Hydrogen supply for industrial processes
Steam quality calcs - Quanitying steam quality
Solid waste fuels - Burning waste paper pellets
Steam challengeDo you still think steam is an uncontrollable fixed cost of production?
Burning used oil for HVAC - Liquid gold

Hillbilly RCM

Reliability-centered maintenance - Root cause analysis
Reliability-centered maintenance
- Rethinking lubrication management
Case history - A concrete case for RCM

The FRETT approach

RCA failures - Why root cause analysis doesn't always work?
Tools for RCA - Stastical tools for root-cause analysis
Financials and RCA
 - A powerful combination
Root cause analysis - Root cause analysis
RCA - Pulling problems out by their roots
RCA - Find the root cause of gear failure - Part 1
RCA - Find the root cause of gear failure - Part  2
RCA - Digging below the metaphorical surface

The smart way to troubleshoot hydraulics

Hydraulic cleanliness - Hydraulic maintenance
Troubleshooting hydraulics - Troubleshooting electro-hydraulic pumps: A 12-step program
Hydraulic cylinders - Hydraulic cylinder recap
Hydraulic troubleshooting - Troubleshooting hydraulic systems rationally
Hydraulic system PdM - Hands-on hydraulics

Advanced jobseeking

Business writing resources - Command of the language
Entrepreneurialism - Don't quit your day job
Incentive programs - Incentive programs
Job hunting
- Trading time for money
Negotiation skills - Hey buddy, Ya' wanna make a deal
Networking - Networking for fun and profit
Personality inventory - Know thyself
Persuasion, idea selling - The silver-tongued devil
Public speaking resources - Ethos, pathos, logos
Salary surveys - Reality check

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