Web Table of Contents for November 2006

Nov. 1, 2006

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Plant Services magazine extras

Continuous monitoring empowers PdM

Wireless: Ready or not
A lively discussion of the current and potential role of wireless in online condition monitoring based on comments from Allied Reliability, Azima, CommTest, General Electric, Rockwell Automation, Sensicast and SKF Reliability Systems.

A critical look at variable-speed-drive air compressors

CA as a process variable - Treat compressed air as a process variable
Speed-regulated drives
- Drive down the cost of compressed airControl systems - Control options in rotary screw compressorsCondensate - What does Mother Nature say about compressor condensate rates?
Flow monitoring and zoning - Building a case for better air

Destined to fail

Powertrain PdM - Avoid the rolling thunder
Synchronous belts - Synchronous belts versus V-belts
Gear MOC
 - The Barkhausen effect
Clutches/brakes - Troubleshooting and maintaining electromechanical clutches and brakes

10 tenets for reliable valves

Scrap vs. repair - To scrap or to fix: That is the question
Selecting control valves - Resisting the static quo
Dezincification - Zinc

Second time around

Heat recovery - Air compressor heat recovery is a hot topicRO for waste water - Water treatment and reuse
Burning used oil - Liquid gold
Burning hazmat - Are you still incinerating waste materials?
Disposing of scrap materials - Spinning garbage into gold
Filtering HTF - Think about filtering your heat transfer fluid
Scrap vs. repair - To scrap or to fix: That is the question

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Limitations of MERV Ratings for Dust Collector Filters

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The Importance of Air-To-Cloth Ratio when Selecting Dust Collector Filters

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