Motor Decisions Matter case studies

Feb. 19, 2007

The Motor Decisions Matter Web site ( includes 24 case studies from a variety of industries, two of which are summarized below.

Ash Grove Cement, Overland Park, Kan.

Ash Grove Cement, which operates eight cement manufacturing plants, used a motor management plan to increase the reliability and reduce downtime for its fleet of 600 large motors. The company worked with the Electric Motor Management program to develop a motor repair purchasing specification, which included using service centers that used a core loss tester.

Improved ability to determine which motors had core loss damage helped the company avoid $6,000 per hour in downtime costs. And, because a damaged core reduces a motor’s efficiency, Ash Grove saves on electricity costs by not repairing motors with damaged cores. Ash Grove estimates that replacing one 700-hp motor will result in $5,000 in energy savings over the life of the motor.

Note: The Electric Motor Management program is part of the Industrial Efficiency Alliance initiative of Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, an MDM sponsor. For more information about NEEA: 503-827-8416 or

Eastman Kodak, Rochester, N.Y.

Kodak Park, home base for Eastman Kodak, has about 80,000 motors. In an effort to achieve greater efficiency, plant managers are using Motor Master+ software to make repair/replace decisions. In one small manufacturing area, 44 standard-efficiency motors were replaced with NEMA Premium motors, resulting in savings of 250,000 kWh and $17,250 annually. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), an MDM sponsor, encouraged Kodak’s use of NEMA Premium motors by providing rebates. Contact NYSERDA services at 1-866-NYSERDA or

The full text of these case studies and additional reports can be accessed at

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