February 2007 Web TOC

Feb. 1, 2007

 What's new at www.plantservices.com/thismonth?

Every month, PlantServices.com offers a special page (www.plantservices.com/thismonth) that contains extra content specifically related to articles found in the print edition.  Keep an eye out while you’re flipping through the magazine and you’ll see references to articles, white papers, news etc. related to the articles you’re reading. Bookmark www.plantservices.com/thismonth and peruse all the extras as well as sift through plantservices.com’s archives.
Plant Services magazine extras

Hunting economical air

Industrial Efficiency Alliance
Compressed air isn't free
U.S. Department of Energy
Association of Energy Engineers
Compressed Air Challenge
PWI Energy

A beautiful model

Monitoring - Continuous monitoring of sealless pumps: the next step
High-speed pumps - Spinning into control
Best efficiency - Pumps in peril
Static head and VFDs - Understanding the economics of variable-speed pumps
Valve positioners
 - Control valve technology

Lubricant RCA

Overview - Slippin' in the additives
Fire-resistance - Canola-oil based hydraulic fluid
Metalworking fluids - Keep it clean
Standards - Lube specs
Hydraulic fluids - Beyond price per gallon
Interpreting data - Get comfortable with oil analysis

A little more now can save a lot later

More resources for motors
Motor Decisions Matter case studies
Motor repair - Analyzing premature winding failures
Power quality - Unbalanced currents
Rewind service centers - Tracking down excellence

Between you and the sky

Insulation - Spray polyurethane foam roofing
Solar energy - Where the sun shines

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Arc Flash Prevention: What You Need to Know

March 28, 2024
Download to learn: how an arc flash forms and common causes, safety recommendations to help prevent arc flash exposure (including the use of lockout tagout and energy isolating...

Reduce engineering time by 50%

March 28, 2024
Learn how smart value chain applications are made possible by moving from manually-intensive CAD-based drafting packages to modern CAE software.

Filter Monitoring with Rittal's Blue e Air Conditioner

March 28, 2024
Steve Sullivan, Training Supervisor for Rittal North America, provides an overview of the filter monitoring capabilities of the Blue e line of industrial air conditioners.

Limitations of MERV Ratings for Dust Collector Filters

Feb. 23, 2024
It can be complicated and confusing to select the safest and most efficient dust collector filters for your facility. For the HVAC industry, MERV ratings are king. But MERV ratings...