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March 1, 2007

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Plant Services magazine extras

Cyber security is a team effort

Soft logic control - Fuzzy logic
Instrument isolators
 - Remote seal pressure transmitters

Matching the standards

IEEE Stnadard 43-2000 - Testing the insulation resistance of rotating machinery
RK1 fuses - The fuse protection review
Branch circuit maintenance - Don't go out on a limb

Maintaining the flow

Lean maintenance - All signs point to Kanban maintenance
Spare parts inventory - Don't lose your material balance
Non-value-added costs - The seven deadly wastes

Toe the line

Hi-pot testing - Diagnostic insulation testing

Power to the pulleys!

Synchronous belts - Synchronous belts versus V-belts
Dynamic braking - Dynamic braking for hoists
Gear drives - Measuring power transmission loads directly

The incredible shrinking heat exchanger

Hydrogen fuel cells approach liftoff

An overview of hydrogen fuel cells is offered at
The U.S. Department of Energy has hydrogen safety training information available at
For an overview of hydrogen supply for industrial processes, visit

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