DeltaV control system upgraded to 10.3

Oct. 7, 2008

Homer, Gunther and Ian are among the fictional plant personalities Emerson Process Management studies to help understand the users of DeltaV, what they do and what they want the control system to become. Homer is an operator who keeps the plant running, manages upsets and isn’t very interested in changing anything. His buddy, Gunther, also an operator, is very motivated to improve production. Instrument Technician Ian installs, configures, troubleshoots and replaces devices and is familiar with the plant and specific devices. The studies guided improvements structure and features that have been incorporated in DeltaV version 10.3.

Improvements start with easier configuration tools, including a simple, intuitive, DeltaV-to-Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) database interface, easier-to-use Foundation fieldbus (FF) tools and transition of Engineering Tools to a more fluent, task-based, human-centered design. Data exchange between SPI and DeltaV is bidirectional, so data published from SPI inserts and configures items inside the DeltaV system. Data generated and published in DeltaV populates the SPI database automatically.

Plant Explorer is redesigned with a new user interface and a higher speed. Control Studio, Recipe Studio, Expression Editor and Graphics Studio redesigns feature the same kind of ribbon toolbar made popular by MS Office 2007. DeltaV Diagnostics provides new automated processes for FF device commissioning and replacement.
Network and security devices become DeltaV devices, configured by system administrators. Security alerts and diagnostics are integrated and appear like any other process alarms and alerts. A controller firewall is privately labeled from Innominate.

Ai new services-oriented architecture based on the ISA95 data model, with secure Web services. Every service has its own port, and the company is producing its own line of network switches with patented features, including one-click port lockdown.
Hardened workstations that have more secure user access and two-factor authentication improve security. A subscription-based Guardian support service sends patches to an intermediate server and files are pulled down by the DeltaV node.

Version 10.3 extends the PlantWeb architecture to safety instrumented systems (SIS), and enables advanced function blocks for both SIS and non-SIS controllers. Secure communications have been provided between logic solvers, and the new version doubles the bandwidth between logic solvers. DeltaV SIS is also available in version 10.3 of DeltaV Simulate.

A new version of Batch Product Manager includes a bigger, faster “MX” batch controller, with 2.5 times to three times the performance and twice the memory. Batch campaign management and recipe exchange are enabled, as is support for OPC XML-DA.

Version 10.3 includes native support for WirelessHART instrumentation and gateways. Emerson’s AMS asset-management system will include a new wireless snap-on that allows users to design their networks graphically, and then monitor network health directly in AMS. DeltaV 10.3 also includes full support for Cisco/Smart Wireless applications, including implementation of the new Panasonic U1 wireless palm-held computer as a complete workstation.

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