Plant Services cartoon caption contest

Aug. 14, 2009
Congratulations to Robert Ryan who submitted the winning caption to the Plant Services cartoon. A new cartoon has been posted.

Do you need some maintenance for your funny bone? Plant Services is here to help. "Plant Toon-Up," the latest addition to PlantServices.com, features one-panel wonders by artist Steve Herner that are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. Join in on the mechanical mayhem and submit a caption for the cartoon that appears below. The winning caption will be featured on Plant Services' Web site and highlighted in the PlantServices.com eNewsletter.

Next, place hands at 10:00 and 2:00 on the steering wheel...


  • "In lieu of expensive training, the new hire reviews www.LiftTruckOperationforDummies.com" — Rocky Rutter
  • "When you're done texting, call 911!" — Darrell Pedersen
  • "I got an IM from Plant Safety. It says 'U R fired'!" — Alan Golembiewski
  • "If my calculations are correct, at this speed I’ll have my shift’s work done two hours early today." — Guy Buchanan
  • "CUL8R :( " — Shannon Richardson

Click here to view the current Plant Services cartoon


  • "Does anybody know if the new 'texting-while-driving' ban applies to forklifts?" — Blair Shaffer
  • "Who says you can’t download the Lift Truck Operator Certification Exam Study Guide!" — Steve Brown
  • "Hey! I'm not sure if I like the new handheld CMMS over clipboards." — Joel Leonard
  • "Take this lift and shove it." — Meg Jaskowiak
  • "This new GPS thingy is great…all I have to do is hit the gas!" — Paige Heid
  • "This GPS is so accurate, I can manage the warehouse more efficiently!" — Robert Cook
  • "Oh, I think I hear my cell phone ringing." — Dawn Rigney
  • "When I asked you about multitasking, this wasn’t what I had in mind." — Donald Vanzile
  • "The new remote control forklifts are tough to get a handle on." — Craig Tentinger
  • "Don't TextTweet and drive." — Victor Jonathan
  • "Multitasking helps to cut the costs (and personnel, too)." — Kumar Bhimavarapu
  • "Why are you chasing me on the forklift?" — Donald Drummond
  • "Isn't this what they mean by multitasking?" — Ferman Prewitt
  • "You want production over safety, you got it!" — Rick Bradley 
  • "Yea, I was demoted from railroad engineer. Why do you ask?"
  • "NO textweeting while driving." — Victor Jonathan
  • "Trucking and texting don’t mix!" — Roger Painter
  • "The most feared predator on earth: a man on a fork truck. Especially dangerous when tired or distracted." — Mark Schreiber
  • "And my wife wants a divorce!" — Clark Felio
  • "Texting 'B home early today honey.'"— Paul Sheppard
  • "Wow. This safety training simulation is soooo real!"
  • "Hey honey, just wanted to text you and let you know that I passed my forklift certification today." — Chris Lewis
  • "I thought I filled out the safety checklist! Darn, I'm late for the safety meeting!" — Mike Kato
  • "Get off the D@$# !!! phone" — Brian Bryant

Click here to view the current Plant Services cartoon

PAST WINNERS Click on the image to see the winning caption.