Plant Services Cartoon Caption Contest

Oct. 30, 2009
Congratulations to Mike Hollingsworth who submitted the winning caption to the Plant Services cartoon. A new cartoon has been posted.

Do you need some maintenance for your funny bone? Plant Services is here to help. "Plant Toon-Up," the latest addition to PlantServices.com, features one-panel wonders by artist Steve Herner that are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. Join in on the mechanical mayhem and submit a caption for the cartoon that appears below. The winning caption will be featured on Plant Services' Web site and highlighted in the PlantServices.com e-Newsletter.

Frank here is our first employee under the new "living-impaired" category of the Diversity Hiring protocols...


  • "Besides being an expert in nuts and bolts, he is also well acquainted with electrical hazards on and off the job." — William Kaufman
  • "Fingers? Check. Grounding rod? Check. Rubberized shoes? Check... " — Rick Godinez
  • "Say hello to our new caliper and micrometer repair technician. He says his nickname is sparky." — Jerry Hill
  • "So guys, I need a volunteer to manage spare parts. Who’s interested?" — Tom Moriarty

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  • "Yes, I have all my fingers, and I carry mobile grounding connectors in my neck." — Rick Godinez
  • "Meet our new electrician — Frank N. Stein." — Richard Huser
  • "Sparky has vast experience with high voltage." — Thomas Wery
  • "As you are all aware, we have a new diversity program …" —John Patterson
  • "Reporting for electrical static testing of plant equipment." — Rick Godinez
  • "I, Franken Plant, verify that all grounding and bonding has been performed to the best of my knowledge." — Rick Godinez
  • "Do you have a safety committee?" — Donald Vanzile
  • "Hey everyone, meet Frank. He's our new personnel director. Please feel free to ask him anything you want to know about your benefit package." — Jerry Fair
  • "Static eliminator testing is complete. Any questions for me or can we shake on it?" — Rick Godinez
  • "I need a volunteer to work with Frank on electrical PM’s." — Alan Randolph, Jr.
  • "So guys, I need a volunteer to manage spare parts. Who’s interested?" — Tom Moriarty
  • "I am Herman Munster reporting for work. Where do I go and what are my duties?"  — Donald Drummond
  • "…and our next model Frank is sporting the latest in “Scrub Wear,” complete with matching lunch box that complements his shoes…" — Shannon Richardson
  • "Hey! Frank just finished our new course on motivational speaking! Anyone care to be motivated?" — Jerry Fair
  • "Shockingly everybody he is very well grounded for his job position." — Gary Copeland
  • "We have hired Frank, here, to oversee our new Safety Compliance Initiative." — Blair H. Shaffer
  • "Does any one here know where we store the hazardous waste?" — Donald Vanzile
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