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Hard-Hat How-To: New Product Resource Center

Nov. 12, 2009
In this edition of Hard-Hat How-To, Plant Services will help guide you through its New Product Resource Center.

Staying competitive in today’s difficult economic climate often mean having the latest, most efficient products at your disposal. Knowing which products are best suited for your specific needs, however, can be a challenge. In this edition of Hard-Hat How-To, Plant Services will help guide you through its New Product Resource Center.

This ever-expanding resource center features hundreds of industry-leading products, all searchable by category, product type and manufacturer. New products are being added to the Web site daily, so be sure to visit PlantServices.com for all your product needs.
The 10 most recent products are showcased in the “Latest Products” section on the PlantServices.com homepage. This handy feature allows you to view new products at a glance. Simply click the neighboring arrows to advance the slideshow of products. To learn more about a specific product or service, click on the corresponding thumbnail or product description.
Looking for the most popular products on PlantServices.com? Visit the "Popular Products" section, located just above the "Latest Products" feature on the homepage, and click on one of our top four products.
PlantServices.com even a product of the day, located in the "This Week" section at the top of the homepage. Handpicked by our editors, these featured products are must-haves for plant manitenance professionals.
To access the New Product Resource Center, hover your mouse over the “Products” tab on PlantServices.com’s navigation bar. If you are interested in electron literature, such as application notes, catalogs, brochures and specification guides, click “Product Literature.” If you are interested in recently released products, click “Search Products.”
This constantly growing database features a chronological list of all the products that PlantServices.com has to offer. Each product entry features a thumbnail and a brief description, complete with category, product type and manufacturer.
If you click on a product, you will be taken to its individual product page, which features a detailed description of the product, an enlarged image and company contact information.
You can scroll through the resource center by clicking the "Next" link at the top of the page, or click the "Display all Results" link to view a complete list of all the products on PlantServices.com.
If you are looking for a specific product, type the product name, manufacturer or product type into the search field and click the "Get Results" button. If you are searching for products from a specific manufacturer, select the company name from the drop-down menu, and the New Product Resource Center will do the rest. The product list may also be filtered by category and type to narrow your results. For greater customization, try sorting your results by date posted, category, type or manufacturer.

To learn more about the New Product Resource Center and Plant Services' online community, view our Hard-Hat How-To Videos.

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