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Plant Maintenance Portal: Jobs

Aug. 6, 2009
Plant Services' jobs portal helps you stay up-to-date with plant industry jobs.

PlantServices.com has assembled a list of job- and career-related articles and put them in one place. Make sure you keep this page bookmarked and come back often — we're always updating!

Finding a job

Plant Connection

Looking for a new and better job? Visit Plant Connection, Plant Services’ job board, and post an anonymous resume, view jobs online and utilize the personal job alerts.

Root cause failure analysis of job fairs
Discover the most common pitfalls for job seekers and employers to avoid.

Trading time for money
Recruiting and job hunting on the Internet.

Command of the language
The effective use of cogent, persuasive, terse, grammatically correct, standard English is going to make your job easier.

Advanced jobseeking
Humans are resources or assets, just like computers, which we routinely toss in the garbage when they can’t cope with the hot, new features programmers build into their latest software offerings. The manufacturing industry is merely swapping out assets endowed with Skill Set A for those having Skill Set B. Russ Kratowicz, PE, offers these registration-free web resources to improve your financial lot in life.

Ethos, pathos, logos
Take control of a room full of people and have fun while you are doing it.

Uniform job standards aim at defining the profession
The European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS) is finalizing standardized job classifications for maintenance manager, maintenance supervisor and maintenance technician in 21 European countries. Should the U.S. follow suit?

The reality of green jobs
Energy Expert Peter Garforth reports that the shortage of energy expertise is strategic, as well as tactical.

Getting ahead

Maintenance Management and Skills Training
Training is an important aspect of career development. Visit Plant Services’ Maintenance Management and Skills Training knowledge center for live seminars, Web-based training, training resources, maintenance best practices and more.

Don't quit your day job
But you could still develop your good ideas and commercialize them.

Personal ways to advance your career and our profession
Most maintenance workers have received limited formal training and have huge gaps between what they perceive and what actually are best practices. Taking a proactive approach to educating workers can improve your career as well.

Knowledge control is key in today's workplace
Shrinking workforces and changes in career attitudes demand knowledge control.

Should you belong to an association?
One award-winning executive says belonging to an association can help you get ahead.

Networking for fun and profit
Dress well, remember a few names and faces, and you're the center of attention

Overqualified, underemployed
What is the connection between noncompete agreements and severance packages?

Making it look good
The skinny on office politics and getting ahead

Are you certifiable?
Take a look at what it takes to become a certified maintenance and reliability professional.

Improving people skills via the Web
Russ Kratowicz has searched the Web so you don't have to and he's found numerous resources that'll help your fellow employees.

Seven secret principles of getting a raise
Are you paid what you are worth?

Web Hunter: Retirement planning
Setting up your funds for retirement is an important issue nearly all of us should be thinking about.

Too young
Should a youthful appearance prevent an employee from being promoted?

Keeping your employees

People are your greatest asset
Although most companies spend more money on hard assets such as facilities, equipment, and infrastructure, it’s unquestionably true that people are your greatest asset. How well management determines the business needs that drive job requirements, then matches the right people with the right jobs, affects profitability, says David Berger, P. Eng., in his latest Asset Manager column.

Looking for Mr. Goodjob
The success of a recent MPACT Skilled Maintenance and Facilities Engineering Job Fair inspired Joel Leonard to list the 13 qualities it takes to land a skilled maintenance position.

Job Design
Build employee loyalty and enthusiasm by rebuilding the work process.

A familiar fight for women
Women are still struggling to gain equal footing in numerous industries.

How did you get here?
Whether it's by choice or by chance, Managing Editor Lisa Towers wants to hear about your experience in the maintenance profession.

Manufacturing is cool
Read about some fun ways to generate interest in your profession.

How to tackle talent management
A critical shortage of skilled labor threatens many companies.

Filling up the engineering pipeline
Early exposure to engineering can pave a positive path for the future.

Rules for earning our daily bread
Labor law and related topics on the Web

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