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New antimicrobial flooring finished in six weeks

Sept. 8, 2010
Produce processor picks premium floor: Decision driven by immersion, temperature, traffic and anti-bacterial properties.

When the floor finishing project came out for bid from one of the local general contractors in charge of the tenant improvement, there was no detailed specification for the product type or criteria, only a small blurb in the finish legend mentioning a white epoxy floor coating that would meet USDA standards.

But long before work at the new Papa John’s Salad and Produce facility in Tolleson, Ariz., began, Brian Whited, key accounts manager, Techniquex, knew the correct flooring system to use for the large expansion project. Three years earlier, Techniquex had worked for Papa John’s Salad and Produce, Inc., at its facility in Tempe to solve a problem of concrete deterioration caused by excessive water exposure. Knowing the exact conditions the new flooring would face under excessive traffic, constant water immersion and low temperatures, he was sure the best solution would be DiamondCrete RT by Diamondstone Products.


Whited, recalling the bid information was vague, contacted the contractor directly to express his concern. “After I spoke with the contractor and realized the new build-out was for Kevin Jones at Papa John’s Salad and Produce, I immediately told him of our past experience at their other facility. We agreed that giving the client a few options, including the Diamond Crete RT, would be the best approach.”

The estimating staff at Techniquex reviewed the plans and construction schedule and quickly realized the project needed to be fast-tracked. This was yet another indication to use the DiamondCrete RT system because of its short cure and quick turnaround.

Once the contractor received the proposals for the project, it was time to begin negotiations. Techniquex provided several samples of the proposed systems and installed mock-ups so Jones, the owner, could select colors and texture. Techniquex recommended the DiamondCrete system, but the price was substantially higher than the other options. Whited explained the advantages, including unlimited moisture tolerance, thermal expansion qualities, warranty duration and installation timeframe. “Once Kevin and the contractor were educated on the products and the differences between them, the extra cost wasn’t an issue,” says Whited.

Installing 40,000 sq.ft. of DiamondCrete RT plus an additional 100,000 sq.ft. of sealed and burnished concrete took a 10-man crew six weeks of 10-12-hour days.

The owner and contractor both agreed to use the system, a three-component, rake-and-trowel, polyurethane-modified cement with excellent chemical, thermal shock and thermal cycling resistance. A non-sacrificial antimicrobial additive is integrated throughout the system to inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and its odors. The system used at Papa John’s Salad and Produce also includes an optional quartz aggregate broadcast along with a finish coat of DiamondStone Aromatic Urethane 100.

Techniquex crews arrived on the job site in late June to begin installing 40,000 sq. ft. of the DiamondCrete system along with an additional 100,000 sq. ft. of sealed and burnished concrete. The 10-man crew quickly sprang into action prepping the areas scheduled to receive the DiamondCrete RT. The prep work took a little more than one week to complete. Once the floors had been cleaned, the crew began installing the RT system. The crew worked 10–to–12–hour days for six weeks to complete the project.

The installation went flawlessly and Papa John’s now has a new facility with a beautiful floor system designed to keep production areas safe and clean for many years to come. In a letter of recommendation written after project completion, Kevin Jones, president of Papa John’s Salad and Produce, Inc., wrote:

“I couldn’t be more pleased. You’ve been responsive and have delivered a finished product perfectly suited to my needs. Your recommendations were spot-on and you accomplished the job with little disruption to my operation.”

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