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Caption the Moment: Enter Plant Services' caption competition

May 15, 2012
Congratulations to John Hagar who submitted the winning caption!

Has life at the plant got you down? Could you use a good laugh? Well Plant Services is here to help. Check out Caption the Moment, our latest caption contest.

Here's how it works: To submit your caption for this month’s funny photo, simply email us your name and caption or fill out the form below and click the “submit your caption” button. The winning caption will be featured on the Plant Services website, our Facebook page and in an upcoming Plant Services e-newsletter.

Do you have a picture worthy of Caption the Moment? Don’t keep it to yourself. Send it to us. If your picture is fall-on-the-floor funny, it might be the star of next month’s Caption the Moment.

I always wondered what a grease worm looked like!


  • Can you tell me the way to the porta-john?
    Raymond Tweedale
  • Are we there yet!!
    Doug Laviolette
  • Which way to the Maintenance Shops?
    Paul Ethington

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