On the Record: John Bryson, Sam Gentry and more

June 13, 2012
What is the industry talking about this week?

When the industry speaks, we listen. On the Record, our latest feature, offers a collection of quotes from industry innovators, maintenance experts and more.

What is the industry talking about this week?

Those who thought American manufacturing was somehow gone for good have been forced, I think, to reexamine their views. I strongly believe that manufacturing, particularly advanced manufacturing based on new technologies, is of fundamental importance to our country’s economic strength in the 21st century.
  John Bryson, U.S. Commerce Secretary
Quality Digest Magazine  
The Scouts start realizing that welding could lead to a viable career. It's not just something to fix a fence.
  Sam Gentry, American Welding Society                         
Chicago Tribune  
It’s really hard to make robots do careful refinishing tasks that people do really well. But providing robotic assistants to do the non-value-added work can actually increase the productivity of the overall factory.
  Julie Shah, leader of the Interactive Robotics Group in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Just as we see more women in construction, piloting airplanes, and the like, why not manufacturing?
  Phil Ehlinger, recently retired economic development director for Volusia County
The Daytona Beach News-Journal

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