What are the most important considerations when selecting a CMMS?

Feb. 13, 2014
One reader wonders about implementing a CMMS at his plant.

Q. My boss wants to purchase a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for our maintenance department. What are the most important considerations when selecting a system?

A. A CMMS can be a very powerful tool for moving your maintenance function forward. That being said, it is not a “silver bullet” that will resolve all your existing maintenance problems. Unless the installation is replacing an existing CMMS, it requires a change in current practices, and individuals often resist change. When inventory reductions and other desirable outcomes of an installation are not realized, the root cause more often than not is a result of personnel pushback and not necessarily technological failure.

A CMMS will automatically generate analytical reports, parts inventory data and productivity reports, in addition to work orders. With the aid of tablets, electronic readers and voice recognition technology, the need for manual data entry will be greatly reduced. The primary benefit of CMMS is speed and its ability to quickly analyze, consolidate and manipulate data.

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