STO FAQs: What you need to know before your shutdown

June 25, 2015
In this compilation of frequently asked questions, STO experts address some of the most common questions about planning and executing shutdowns.

Q: What are the initial steps I need to take to prepare for a shutdown?

A: The first step to prepare for a scheduled shutdown starts with determining the size of the outage. Based on statistics across a number of industries, there are four categories based on duration: Short (hours), Small (day), Moderate (days), and Large (weeks). The labor and materials cost for these categories varies by industry. Size, complexity, and familiarity of a shutdown matters greatly, and makes a major difference in the size of management staff, planning effort, level of detail, and oversight.

The second step is a review of your last scheduled outage. Is there a closeout report with an objective review including lessons learned? Review past results; learn from both the positive and negative success factors identified in the report. If a formal report is not available, schedule a brief meeting with stakeholders from the prior outage. Facilitate a discussion; capture both successes and ‘opportunities’ using a non-blaming approach. Most people appreciate having their feedback and input valued. It is also a great
opportunity to achieve buy-in and agreement on what to do differently to get a different result.

To learn more about shutdowns, turnarounds and outages and to download the entire article, watch the on-demand webcast, "How Effective Is Your STO Strategy?"

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