Setting the standard for intelligent devices

Oct. 1, 2015
This article illustrates how important standards are to the adoption of technology.

The vast majority of new field devices being installed today are considered "intelligent," not only because they're microprocessor- based, but also because they're  able to communicate digitally with other devices. Of course, by default, since they rely on digital communications to connect with the other nodes/devices, all wireless transmitters are intelligent.

The challenge now is determining not only what information is useful or required for the application in which the device is being installed, but also, and equally important, what data can be ignored, or at a minimum, where it should be routed.

ISA is finalizing a new standard, ISA-TR108.1-2015 "Intelligent Device Management Part 1: Concepts and Terminology." ISA108 and now, through SC65E WG10, the IEC are also working to adopt this document internationally and bring some level of standardization to management of intelligence in the majority of devices are connected to today's control systems.

To learn more about standards, read “Smart devices need standards–and volunteers” from Control.

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