What you don't know about cybersecurity could cost you

Nov. 24, 2015
One prescription for cybersecurity is greater internal cooperation and more external assistance when needed.


It's easy for me to say that effective cybersecurity must be always on and always aware. However, the other shoe falling is that knowing about vulnerabilities, probes and intrusions is only useful if you can do something to stop them.

Unfortunately, because most cyber-threats, viruses and malware change and multiply so quickly, any useful response must follow up and evolve just as fast. Of course, this challenge is only getting tougher as more machines join their human users on the Internet, and their collective networks grow more interdependent. Of course, the prescription for cybersecurity in these cases is greater internal cooperation and more external assistance when needed.

"We already know that deep connections need protection, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is further increasing the need for more security layers," says Andrew Kling, director of cybersecurity and software practices at Schneider Electric. "As a result, our message shouldn't be that we're the best at cybersecurity, but instead that we're taking each user's security situation seriously."

To learn more about cybersecurity, read “Cybersecurity defense is not so easy” from Control.

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