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Choosing the right flow meter for your application

Jan. 26, 2016
In this case history, one plant improves efficiency with new flow meters.

Our multipurpose industrial site in Onesti, Romania, offers many applications for flow instrumentation. The CAROM facility produces butadiene, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) gasoline additive, liquefied petroleum gas and synthetic rubber. It also includes a fully equipped terminal for the storage and distribution of road bitumen and has a transportation infrastructure for petroleum and petrochemical-based products.

As energy chief engineer for CAROM Onesti, I continually am looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by using instrumentation to optimize processes at the plant. For example, we replaced inaccurate and unreliable flow instrumentation with the latest Coriolis and vortex technologies. The accurate and reliable measurements from these flow meters have enabled improvements that together have provided savings of €1 million/y ($1.09 million/y).

To learn more about flow meters, read “Flow Meter Changes Really Measure Up” from Chemical Processing.

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