How augmented reality will help you diagnose and fix problems faster

March 31, 2016
Augmented reality puts knowledge into the hands of the incoming workforce.

Part of my automation career has been spent training automation engineering groups, as well as design and maintenance. We train on the devices and software that drive the processes, and quite often we train on the processes, as well.

But being trained on analog valve control or variable-speed-drive interfacing for Process A won’t be the same as that same process using different vendors’ devices.

So we have manuals on everything from soup to nuts. You’ve seen them—oily, greasy paper manuals that always seem to be missing the page that you really need.

So, what about the mobile climate we live in? Can these manuals live in this environment, so that we have those missing pages at our fingertips? We’ve been doing that already.

To learn more about augmented reality, read “Augmented reality lets the equipment help you diagnose the problem” from Control Design.

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