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6 factors to consider before purchasing a metering pump

May 24, 2016
Properly understanding your equipment is the key to getting the most from your plant.

Many processing operations require accurate dosing of liquid additives. Most often, plants rely on metering pumps to deliver the precise flows needed. Generally, such pumps feature a piston (reciprocating cylinder) somewhere within them.

In concept, metering pumps include three sections: 1) a drive mechanism —a device that allows the capacity to be adjusted during operation; 2) a prime mover — a power source to drive the pump; and 3) a liquid (or wetted) end — a mechanical configuration to deliver the pumped fluid.

Manufacturers of metering pumps usually supply a complete assembly that includes the metering pump, control elements, additive storage tank and other auxiliaries. When correctly specified, the vendor package will meet process requirements. So, carefully consider some key factors before purchasing a metering pump or making service changes and when troubleshooting.

To learn more, read "Prevent Metering Pump Mayhem" from Chemical Processing.

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