Improve your asset management strategy with advice from Sheila Kennedy

Nov. 29, 2016
4 asset management articles you need to read to stay ahead of the curve.

The asset management landscape is ever-evolving, with new IIoT and mobile tools offering unprecedented opportunities to help you better manage your facility's equipment and operations. Determining the right asset management tools for your business, however, can be a challenge. Plant Services contributing editor Sheila Kennedy has covered this evolving field extensively and regularly offers in-depth analysis and actionable asset management advice. Here are four of her articles you need to read to stay abreast of the latest asset management trends and technologies.

How IIoT drives the business

In her article "Yes, IIoT can drive operational improvements," Kennedy examines whether businesses can actually monetize and drive real business value from the industrial internet of things (IIoT). The article looks at new business and growth opportunities that are possible via the IIoT and how to get started on seizing them. Kennedy writes: "The modern technology landscape allows for greater automation, more data from a broader array of devices and sensors, and better ways of correlating and using the larger volume of information. With interconnected software and systems, Big Data analytics, machine learning and other IIoT components, concepts such as unattended operation and prescriptive maintenance become a reality, and new business opportunities open up."

Mobility advice from the pros

In "Thoroughly modern mobility: Are you making the most of mobility in your asset management strategy?" Kennedy interviews industry experts for their perspectives on the issues and opportunities for mobility in asset management. The industry pros, who hail from Microsoft, Rockwell Automation, IFS and more, offer their thoughts on how mobility is changing the industrial landscape. "There are underutilized opportunities for mobility in enterprise asset management (EAM/CMMS) as well as lingering challenges to implementation," Kennedy writes, adding that "(a)nalysts, end users, and solution providers are actively addressing these concerns and looking to the future."

Reaping the benefits of FSM software

In "Top 10 benefits of field service management software," Kennedy explores the unique benefits of field service management (FSM) software. The article outlines 10 advantages of FSM, from resource optimization and automation to flexibility and scalability. "Most companies have at least a first-generation system in place to handle field service scheduling, dispatch, service parts management, and perhaps some degree of mobility," Kennedy notes. "Others use EAM/ERP system extensions for more robust scheduling and dispatch capabilities. An increasingly popular solution is purpose-built field service management (FSM) software that automates and streamlines the complete service process, provides connected and disconnected mobility, and integrates with the installed EAM/ERP system."

4 perspectives on compliance reporting

In "How to get compliance reporting right," Kennedy explores compliance reporting through the eyes of four industry professionals. The article takes an in-depth look at how urgency can drive best practices, how to overcome compliance ¬¬barriers, the overall cost of compliance, and how to begin your compliance strategy. According to Kennedy: "The contents and behavior of compliance reports are governed by the various authorities and reference standards. Managing a task of this magnitude requires accountability and proper controls, because errors or delays have consequences that extend far beyond regulatory fines and administrative burdens."

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