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Survey results: How effective do you consider your STOs?

April 17, 2019
In a small survey base, 43% of respondents consider their STOs somewhat effective, while 14% don't consider their STOs effective at all.

Shutdowns, turnarounds and outages are complex, high-cost undertakings that have impacts across the entire business, from shareholders and board members to front-line maintenance workers. When not well-planned and managed, STOs can create safety risks, unplanned downtime, and cost overruns, resulting in reduced profitability if the organization is not able to return on schedule to full operating capacity.

Plant Services asked online readers their thoughts on the effectiveness of shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages.

Following are the complete survey responses.

1. How effective do you consider your STOs?

2. How often are your STOs on-time?
3. How often are your STOs on-budget?

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