SMRP Annual Conference: "A gold mine for discovering better ways to do things"

Oct. 18, 2021
Past attendees share their thoughts about the SMRP Annual Conference

The SMRP 29th Annual Conference returns October 25-28, 2021, featuring the world-class education and networking that’s become renowned among maintenance, reliability and physical asset management professionals. Plus, this year’s event offers an all-new hybrid model, allowing attendees to join in-person in St. Louis, Missouri or via a virtual platform from anywhere with internet access.

Past attendees share their thoughts about the SMRP Annual Conference:

“I’ve been attending the SMRP Annual Conference since 2006 & find it to consistently be the top industry event, year after year,” says Maureen Gribble, CMRP and Director of Marketing for UE Systems. “The quality of the content is always top notch.”

James Korsmeier, CMRP and CEMEX Project Manager, agrees with Gribble, sharing that the event’s major value is in the unique combination of education and opportunities to collaborate with fellow professionals. “The SMRP Annual Conference has been a gold mine for discovering better ways to do things, practices to implement in my career, or instructions to help my department and company become better.”

The environment of the SMRP Annual Conference facilitates discussion about the education topics, says Brandon Weil, CMRP and Eruditio Operations Manager. “This [SMRP Annual Conference] is one of those few opportunities to be surrounded by people who know the types of challenges and rewards that come with our profession,” says Weil.

Echoing the rarity of such an opportunity to learn with and from global experts, Korsmeier explains, “It is a chance for me to take time, focus and develop my knowledge about maintenance and reliability practices, with the help of perspectives from around the world.”

For some attendees, the networking goes beyond professional connections. “For me, the sense of community that’s been built over the years truly makes it feel like a big family reunion,” says Gribble. “[With attendees participating from near and afar,] it may look a little different this year, but I still count down the days until I’m with my extended SMRP family again.” 

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