7 KPIs field-service organizations should be tracking

April 26, 2022
Choosing what to measure is crucial.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the critical metrics that enable a business to set targets and track progress toward an intended result. For field-service organizations, including manufacturers for whom field service of their products is increasingly important, KPIs help business leaders and their teams better understand the challenges inherent in their operations and track the performance of specific facets of their business and the services they offer customers. Measuring KPIs will also help evaluate the ROI of each field activity, a mission-critical step in supporting the bottom line.

Choosing what to measure is crucial. Too often, managers attempt to track every metric possible, leading to analysis paralysis that congests business and reduces efficiency. KPIs that are most actionable and easiest to track may not be the ones that provide the best insight or create the most value. Therefore, understanding the right questions is pivotal in determining which KPIs to track.

To learn more, read "Tracking and understanding the right KPIs to improve your field-service organization" from Smart Industry.

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