Computer part manufacturer recycles its process rinse water

June 27, 2014
In this installment of What Works, Leading Technologies’ new program saves about $250,000 annually.

Leading Technologies, a computer part manufacturer in Leechburg, Pennsylvania, wanted to implement a plan to recycle a percentage of its process rinse water, since a 30% price increase was scheduled for municipal water sewage charges. The rinse water stream contained heavy metals, namely silver, copper, and nickel, and cyanide was present in this stream, which normally would require several treatment steps to destruct this type of chemical. A field demonstration test was conducted for the destruction of cyanide and the removal of silver and copper from a cyanide rinse stream generated at their plant. Actual water savings on a yearly basis combined with the chemical and sludge savings yielded a total operating savings of $249,197 per year.

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