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On target: Real-time dashboards achieve significant energy savings

Jan. 18, 2017
In this case history, learn how one company used dashboards to drive reductions in energy cost and consumption.

A key objective of Celanese is to drive energy efficiency and cost reduction in its plants. In line with this, the company has become a partner in the Better Plants Challenge of the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

One way to attain such benefits is to engage the entire operations organization in energy reduction. At Celanese, energy optimization historically was a management or engineering responsibility. However, we realized that process operators took care of real-time control of energy but usually weren’t actively optimizing consumption.

Celanese discovered that these operators, if given access to real-time information on energy consumption as well as targets for the key energy consumers, could optimize energy use in the plants more effectively.

As a result, the company created energy dashboards to provide operators with access to real-time energy consumption and dynamic energy target information — thus giving them appropriate knowledge and tools to reduce energy use. We’ve found these energy dashboards are a great way to get energy information into the hands of the people who can respond immediately.

To learn more, read "Dashboards Improve Energy Efficiency" from Chemical Processing.

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