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7 types of manufacturing waste and how to reduce them

March 31, 2023
Here are this week’s industrial trends and perspectives, including why companies are desperately hanging on to their employees despite the looming threat of a recession.

The internet is a vast space that is filled with rabbit holes, endless search results, and adorable cat videos that will consume your entire day in a flash. Finding the information and insights you need to improve productivity and efficiency at your facility can be daunting. Luckily, Plant Services is here to help. We search the web and curate the industry perspectives, trends, and topics that will affect you and your industry. Here are a few of our favorite stories from this week.

Smart Manufacturing Helps Accelerate Business Growth (Part 1): Focus On Products, People And Assets [Forbes]
Having the latest and greatest technologies at your facility is fun, but if you are not implementing these tools strategically, then your business will never reap the benefits. By focusing on products, people, and assets, you can see how the principles of smart manufacturing can help your company reduce costs and increase revenue. This article, the first in a series, explores how to utilize new technologies to support your business goals.

3 Ways to Recruit Gen Z to the Manufacturing Workforce [Packaging Digest]
With an ever-widening skills gap, manufacturers need to persuade the next generation of workers to enter a career in industry. Unlike previous generations, however, Gen Z is interested in more than just a good-paying job. They want to work for companies that are authentic and transparent, that have social and climate agendas as well as profit motives. This article outlines three ways manufacturers can get creative to attract and retain Gen Z workers.  

What Layoffs? Many Employers Are Eager to Hang On to Workers. [The New York Times]
We’ve all seen the doom-and-gloom headlines forecasting a recession as companies across the world begin laying off employees. But outside of the tech industry, most companies are doing everything they can to keep their employees. Although their reasons may vary, most industries, including manufacturing, know the value of a loyal employee. This article shines a light on why companies are desperately hanging on to their employees despite the looming threat of a recession.  

Common Types of Manufacturing Waste and Best Way to Manage It [Manufacturing.Net]
Waste is an unfortunate part of most industries, including manufacturing. While waste cannot be eliminated entirely, it can and should be reduced as much as possible. By rectifying inefficiencies and reducing waste, manufactures can have a positive impact on the environment and their bottom lines. This article identifies seven types of manufacturing waste and offers solutions on how it can be reduced. 

To Bring Back U.S. Manufacturing, We Need To Invest In Advanced Technologies [Forbes]
The benefits of reshoring U.S. manufacturing cannot be overstated. A thriving manufacturing sector directly and indirectly impacts a host of other industries, not to mention improving employment rates and contributing to economic growth.  Reshoring, however, is not a simple endeavor, and many companies struggle to turn this idea into a reality. This article highlights how the U.S. can position the manufacturing industry for success by investing in advanced technologies.

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