Workforce development and education initiative builds careers and supports industry

Bühler Aeroglide has announced a new apprenticeship program that allows high school graduates to gain professional practice skills combined with a college education. As co-founder and leading partner of the new North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program (NCTAP), Bühler Aeroglide now offers a post-secondary education that places emphasis on real-world training while participants receive a salary. The new employer-driven program is based on the European apprentice model in place at Bühler headquarters in Uzwil, Switzerland.

Bühler Aeroglide President Hansjoerg Ill says investment in education and the development of new talent is naturally consistent with the company's legacy, culture, and business strategies.  It also demonstrates the company's longstanding commitment to the industries and customers it serves.

"We are proud to have had a key role in developing a new apprenticeship standard in North Carolina," said Ill.  "In this program, apprentices get to learn everything about manufacturing as well as attend college. The result is a well-skilled, well-rounded graduate who is guaranteed employment and a professional career.  At the same time, this new talent helps shape Bühler's wide portfolio of process technologies and products by interacting with customers, colleges and research institutes.  It also helps the company remain forward thinking and focused on the innovations that help grow our customers and the industry."

Bühler Aeroglide's first class of apprentices start their paid apprenticeships this month. Students will learn everything about the manufacturing trade including automation, engineering and design, and building and fabrication.  They will also attend school through Wake Technical Community College during the four year program.  Bühler has approximately 600 apprentices worldwide, going through similar programs.