Minecraft video game introduces STEM to kids

Society usually blames video games for the reason kids are becoming increasingly violent and decreasingly attentive. Instead of being outdoors, some kids enjoy the comfort of a controller or mouse in hand and a screen full of action and adventure. Society frowns upon such behavior, but kids can be engaged while learning during a video game.

Imagine a game that incorporates STEM education and is entertaining for kids. Welcome to the world of Minecraft.

The game is creative, enjoyable and interactive when it comes to learning the basics of engineering. Kids can build their own spaces within the world by mining and controlling different stones and clay in this little block world.

The possibilities are endless from building a bridge to constructing a house. Minecraft allows kids to think bigger than the average video game. Sure, there’s an arena where kids can fight hellbabies and skeletal horses. But what’s a video game without a little sword action?

Another interesting aspect of the game is that instead of guns, kids can collect shovels, hammers and other mining tools designed to help them think about building rather than destroying.

As far as the latest technology goes, Minecraft doesn’t have the best graphics or the most advanced equipment. It’s rudimentary, but that’s why construction is emphasized. The idea behind it is to take away the distraction of high resolution and bring kids back to the basics in order to teach them STEM education.

Perhaps this game is the hope of the next generation. Instead of increased crime rates, these kids will bring the next wave of engineers and scientists into the picture.