MakerGirl uses 3D printing to get young girls interested in STEM

MakerGirl, a non-profit organization that uses 3D printing to teach young girls, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills, has recently announced plans for expansion.

Originally, MakerGirl only offered its 3D printing courses at the University of Illinois, but has since expanded to other academies, such as Northwestern University. Additionally, MakerGirl is entering the final steps for a partnership with DePaul University, with plans to take the nonprofit to universities in the Milwaukee area and beyond.

“I definitely think it’s important to help girls in those areas,” said MakerGirl co-founder, Elizabeth Engele. “Creative thinking can be combined with a STEM degree. It is one of the most powerful combinations to build, but I grew up thinking that a STEM profession excluded being creative.”

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