How to find professional development that is right for you

By Laurel Donnellan for Forbes

Being a compassionate leader requires you to be a proactive life-long learner, to stay informed on things that will affect the people you influence, your stakeholders. If your company provides a generous professional development budget and time off to learn, lucky you.

However, many professionals must find ways of learning on their own that are high impact and low cost in order to stay current, develop leadership skills and advance careers. There are many online options including Udemy, Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. However, when you find live in-person opportunities there is a built-in benefit of meeting new people while you gain an education.

Although taking classes online is convenient, learning in the real world can offer additional perks. It can be more fun, the food is often better at these venues than at your computer and some people retain more when they are in a three-dimensional classroom or event.

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