How PepsiCo is turning workforce diversity into profit

By Adrienne Selko for IndustryWeek

In competitive times, companies need an edge.

For PepsiCo that edge takes the shape of the diversity of its workforce. “Evaluating manufacturing in North America and here at PepsiCo, the supply chain continues to modernize and become more complex,“ explains Jana Gessner,  vice president, for EHS at PepsiCo. “Complexity requires a workforce that views situations in a new light. Women’s experiences and thought processes are different.”

One of those differences, that has been widely studied, is the collaborative style of women. “This style leads to very strong strategic partnerships,” says Gessner. Strong partnerships are part of the diverse and inclusive environment that PepsiCo. has carefully cultivated. “We have women plant managers and have brought women into management roles,” says Gessner.

In fact, 29% of the company's supply chain workforce are women.  Work is being done to increase that number. Across PepsiCo, there are several internal programs designed for the development and advancement of women in the supply chain, including a program called LIFT, or Leadership Investment For Tomorrow, which connects executive to sponsor high-potential women for development, visibility and career opportunities.

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