Construction begins on new STEM facility at Michigan State

The last time MSU built a classroom from the ground up and with state funding was in 1969, when Wells Hall was built. A new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Teaching and Learning Facility, which broke ground on Aug. 31, will be the first constructed building with classrooms on campus to receive state funding in nearly 50 years.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new STEM building at MSU took place on Friday at the old Shaw Lane Power Plant.

The ceremony included different speakers from different backgrounds, such as Interim President John Engler and current STEM students.

“I can also imagine that it wouldn't just be convenient to have all the labs in one place, but also to have a space or they have to be able to meet with well-minded students who are also equally interested in translational research and have questions about what they study and to have just a room to be able to bring in some of these ideas and come up with important research questions to address some of our needs,” William Yakah, a senior international student studying neuroscience, said.

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