Canadian scholarship program helps women pursue a career in manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) announces the establishment of a scholarship awards program for women in manufacturing. In partnership with Fiera Foods, CME has created this scholarship to support the education of women who are planning to pursue a career in manufacturing. CME and Fiera Foods will award a total of 10 scholarships each in the amount of $4,000 beginning 2018 through to 2020.

"The manufacturing sector offers rewarding, innovative and lucrative careers for women but, unfortunately, only a small proportion of women, less than 6%, choose that path. This needs to change," said Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) National Board of Directors Chair Rhonda Barnet, President & COO of Steelworks Design. "By encouraging the studies of 10 deserving women who will soon enter the manufacturing workforce, the women in manufacturing scholarship awards will help shape the female role models of tomorrow and will be instrumental in bridging the gender gap."

"Canada's manufacturing sector is a pillar of our economy that presents rewarding opportunities for women. I am very proud that my daughter chose a career in manufacturing and I am looking forward to seeing more women have the chance to enter and succeed in our sector," said Boris Serebryany, President and CEO of Fiera Foods. "By partnering with CME, we're excited to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our scholarship recipients so they can help shape the future of the sector."

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