After Sandy - Industrial neighbors helping neighbors

There are a lot of manufacturing organizations suffering as a result of Sandy's rampage over the Eastern Seaboard last week. Some are dealing with damage to plants and equipment. Others face utility outages and other problems. Still more are stymied by shipping delays for incoming material and outgoing products. It's a mess, and at this writing another storm threatens the East Coast.

While we at Plant Services were talking about mother nature's latest sucker punch, the following message came in. It's from VibrAlign, a laser alignment firm in Richmond, VA (

"VibrAlign is offering disaster assistance to industrial facilities in need of shaft alignments as one of the tasks required to get their facilities back up and running after last week’s storms.

"VibrAlign is a leader in laser shaft alignment with personnel all around the United States, including several people located in storm-affected areas. As a result of their experience with Sandy, we’re aware of some of the challenges facing recovery efforts."

"VibrAlign is committed to serving our community”, says David Zdrojewski, CEO of VibrAlign. “That’s why we have announced that we are out to Realign America, and in that spirit we’re willing to provide free services if we can help a storm victim get their business back on its feet."

The letter continues, "VibrAlign has decided to offer trained manpower and equipment for specific recovery service work performing shaft alignments. David Zdrojewski will personally accept requests for assistance at ( All requests will be evaluated and responded to. The evaluation will be to determine those projects to which VibrAlign can offer the most assistance and value."

VibrAlign’s note was a much-needed day-brightener for me on this Election Day. It also serves as a great example to all members of the East Coast manufacturing community. Please let me know ( what other offers of help manufacturing service people are holding out to Sandy’s victims. Send them in and we’ll publish them.

Heck, if we get a bundle of good ideas together, maybe we'll send a copy to Washington DC and show 'em how Americans can work together to save jobs and rebuild the community. That's a Realignment we'd all love to see.