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Ok, reliability has been present on since its inception, but now it's just easier to get the information. Sometimes, instituting reliability best practices can seem cumbersome, unweildly and unrealistic. And since it's an inexact science, case study scenarios don't always apply to the individual. With that in mind, has launched a new "Reliability Tips" e-newsletter (view an example, or better yet, subscribe). The e-newsletter, authored by Reliability Expert Ricky Smith, features tips that don't require maximum effort on your part to achieve. Furthermore, has launched an associative blog, where users can comment on the tips, and perhaps, gain valuable insight from other users and Ricky on your particular problems with implementing reliability techniques. If neither of those options meet your reliability information needs, remember to attempt a site search from any page on We welcome any suggestions for site improvements, either posted as a comment to this blog entry, or in email form to Senior Editor, Digital Media at