Go digital

I'm going to share a secret with the blog readers. It's cheaper for our print publication to send you our magazine digitally than it is to use traditional mail. Shocking news, I know. In addition to postage savings, there's significant printing savings, etc. And if you're reading this web site, you probably have a pretty good handle on efficiency and cost savings. Of course, it's the American-trained mind to think that cheaper is automatically less quality. That's simply not true in this case. In addition to saving us a few bucks, you get the following by subscribing to the digital edition:
  • The issue gets to you faster
  • The digital edition is live, meaning there are links to additional information
  • You are doing your part to save some trees
  • It's fully printable for, ahem, bathroom visits
  • It's easily shared with co-workers
  • It finds you no matter where you are (as long as you have a computer)
  • It's easier to save
You should give it a look. Make sure to experiment and let your mouse arrow hover on the pages, because I think you'll discover live links to an assortment of supportive information on this web site, that makes each feature piece in the edition that much more valuable. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe.