Watch poorly designed robots fight to the death

If you like watching elegantly designed robots flex their muscles in a "best of the best" competition, then this contest is not for you. If, however, you like watching novices haphazardly construct junk bots to fight in a sumo-style competition, then say hello to Hebocon.

According to Daiju Ishikawa for Make: "I have been organizing the Robot Competition for Those Technically Ungifted (a.k.a. Hebocon) for two years. It is an event where people with no robot building skills gather with their robots and make them fight. Participants need a lack of skill, lack of perseverance, and lack of concentration. This is an unmotivated event where we praise those who participate with 'Heboi' (crappy, useless, poorly made) robots, not the victors, and impose penalties to those who participate with sophisticated robots.

Hebocon has spread to over twenty-five countries, and there have been over sixty tournaments held by volunteers. You can read further details of the event’s concept and each tournament’s report, but today I would like to write a bit about the chronology of how Hebocon became so widespread."

To learn more, read "Hebocon Is a Crappy Robot Competition That Celebrates Failure" from Make.