Watch one company turn a BMW into a real-life transformer

There are many imaginary things that I wish were real: unicorns, money trees, donuts with no calories. But it looks like one iconic robot has made the leap from imaginary to real; a fate usually only reserved for Pinocchio. The Turkish company Letvision has created a real-life transformer using a BMW.

According to Andrew Liszewski for Gizmodo: "There’s a very good chance that Letvision has overestimated the demand for full-sized Transformers toys. But there’s certainly a billionaire or two out there who’d be happy to buy one of these for their kids.

At least the company built a fully working prototype called Letrons that transforms all by itself, and actually drives, via a remote control, when in its BMW vehicle mode. Is it as dynamic as the computer-generated Transformers in Michael Bay’s movies? Not at all. But it’s real."

To learn more, read "This Company Will Build You a Real-Life Transformer" from Gizmodo.