Watch now: John Oliver turns maintenance workers into action heroes with his "Infrastructure" trailer

Face it. Your job probably isn't worthy of a big-budget action movie. You don't spend your days fighting aliens or terrorists while explosions tear apart your plant. You work tirelessly to make sure crises don't happen. But you are more important to the safety of America than all the action heroes put together. So where is your movie? Well, John Oliver heard your cries and, on his show, "Last Week Tonight," he aired a trailer for the fictitious "Infrastructure" movie, which finally gives maintenance workers the respect that they deserve.

According to Time: "As Oliver points out, when infrastructure breaks down, things go very wrong, very quickly. Potholes, sink holes and bridge collapses are just a few of the nightmares that can happen when infrastructure breaks, and unfortunately, people only tend to talk about infrastructure when things go wrong — so infrastructure watching becomes a waiting game for disasters. To wit, New York’s notoriously creaky Tappan Zee bridge is described as a “hold your breath” bridge by one official.

Luckily, Oliver has a solution: Infrastructure the movie, with stars like Edward Norton, Vincent D’Onofrio, Steve Buscemi, Hope Davis, Campbell Scott and many more bringing some much-needed sex appeal and Hollywood pizazz to the important topic."

To learn more, read the article "Watch Ed Norton and Steve Buscemi Help John Oliver Shake Up the Debate Over Infrastructure" from Time.

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