Watch drones fight to the death in the name of anti-drone technology

In this era of high-tech drone competitions that glorify the precision and skill of these high-flying contraptions, it's nice to see an event that gives the people what they really want: drones pitted against each other in a fight to the death. Nothing is quite as satisfying as watching two aerial gladiators fight bravely for the sole purpose of advancing the field of anti-drone technology.

According to David Hambling for Popular Mechanics: "DroneClash, which takes place in the Netherlands, challenges its players to destroy the opponent's drone and knock it out of the sky. While the event certainly looks entertaining, it's not just aimless destruction. The competition also hopes to advance anti-drone technology.

The event includes eight teams in total. DroneClash will take place over two rounds, each involving four teams. The drones meet in the First Battle Area, where they attempt to take out as many of the competition as possible. Survivors then fly through the 'Hallway of Doom, Death and Destruction,' trying to avoid a variety of counter-drone weapons.

Finally, they reach the Palace of the Four Queens. Each team has a 'Queen' drone they must defend while destroying the other Queens. The winning team goes on to the next round."

To learn more, read "At This Drone Competition, To Win Is To Destroy" from Popular Mechanics.