Watch a machine gun fold and fly paper airplanes

I've never been good at folding paper airplanes. I lack the engineering background to be a successful paper pilot. My creations usually just tailspin before crashing to the ground. Luckily, one inventor has created a machine gun that can automatically fold and fire paper airplanes with lightning speed. This invention is so unnecessary and ridiculous that I have to have one.

According to Avery Thompson for Popular Mechanics: "Folding and throwing paper airplanes can be fun, but it's a lot of work for a little payoff. What if someone built a device that not only folded the paper but also launched the paper plane so you wouldn't have to?

Dieter Michael Krone is here to save the day. He built a giant machine gun that folds and then fires up to 120 paper airplanes per minute. The gun uses standard A5 paper as ammo. 3D-printed and repurposed copier parts, and a network of gears and belts, perform the folds."

To learn more, read "This Machine Gun Folds Paper Airplanes So You Don't Have To" from Popular Mechanics.