Vent your holiday frustration. Throw a hatchet.

Are you looking for a good way to relieve holiday stress? Have you tried transcendental meditation? Have you tried listening to soothing music? Have you tried throwing a hatchet? If you visit Stumpy's Hatchet House in Eatontown, New Jersey, you can participate in the time-honored recreational sport of hatchet throwing, an activity that can be traced back to both Viking and Native American cultures.

According to Maria Carter for Popular Mechanics: "The facility, which opened earlier this year, has seen an uptick in business over the past two months, and weekends in December are almost completely booked with holiday events. Putting your phone down and doing something primitive is a big part of the draw, co-owner Stuart Josberger tells "Once you start landing it, it becomes an adrenaline rush. You're competing with friends and playing games. It's addicting," he says.

Guests pay $40 each for a two-hour throwing session, which includes safety training and instruction from a coach. In the throwing pit, people take turns hurling the hatchet, rotating among the members in their party. The goal is to have everyone throwing smoothly and hitting the target by the time they leave, says Josberger."

To learn more, read "People Are Relieving the Stress of the Christmas Season By Throwing Hatchets" from Popular Mechanics.