Turn your drink into an illuminating glow stick

Did you ever play with glow sticks as a child? We all did. But what if you could recapture that illuminating fun with just a cocktail and a UV light? Try this trick out at your next party or even political rally.

According to Popular Science: "Some tasty alcoholic beverages have the ability to glow in a variety of colors. Unlike real glowsticks, however, these only work in the presence of ultraviolet light. Luckily, you can buy a UV LED that's safe to drop in a drink. So no matter who’s got your vote, you can find a cocktail that will glow the right color, add a blacklight, and have a political party.

Democrats might want to stir up some vodka or gin with tonic water, which glows blue. Republicans can get their potables by making oil from fresh mint leaves, which will glow a pinkish-red color in a GOP mojito. Even Green Party supporters are covered: Drinks rich in B-vitamins (such as Red Bull) will glow verdantly under a UV light."

To learn more, read "How To Make Alcoholic Glowsticks—That Won’t Explode" from Popular Science.