Try to remember: The secret brain hack that will stop you from forgetting

Have you ever...wait...what was I going to say? It's right on the tip of my tongue. If you're getting forgetful like me, a new study offers a fun hack that can help improve your memory.

According to Science Alert: "A new study suggests that remembering mundane, everyday tasks is all about providing the brain with distinct cues that are experienced at just the right time. In other words, your mind needs a reminder right when the task needs to happen, not when you still have time to procrastinate and, therefore, forget again.

If you want a better chance of remembering a mundane task, give yourself a distinct cue, because using a note or calendar doesn’t seem to work (at least not as well), based off of the team’s results.

Say you want to remember to take a letter with you to drop off in a mailbox on your way to work. Instead of writing a note on the fridge or setting an alarm on your phone, you might want to sit your trusty Albert Einstein bobblehead by the front door to remind you on your way out. Since you're not used to seeing Einstein nodding at you as you leave, you'll likely remember why you put it there: to grab that letter and take it with you."

To learn more, read "Keep forgetting stuff? Experts say you can 'hack' your memory to get things done" from ScienceAlert.