They see me rollin' my chainsaw-powered tricycle

Are you looking for a new way to get to work that instantly lets passersby know that you are a DIY fanatic, are environmentally conscious, and have a great sense of humor? Have you considered a motorized tricycle? All you need to build one is a chainsaw motor, a tricycle, and a little ingenuity.

According to Andrew Moseman for Popular Mechanics: "These full-sized humans from Georgia Tech wanted to zip around campus on a chidren's tricycle, so they started hacking it. Specifically, the pedals came off and a chainsaw motor went in, though it takes a lot more welding and tinkering and creative engineering to make mini machine go. The 5/8" axle, for instance, must be trimmed down to 3/8" on the ends to accommodate the trike wheel."

To learn more, read "A Chainsaw-Powered Trike Looks Stupidly Fun" from Popular Mechanics.