The best use yet for a drone: Droneboarding

It's only a matter of time before droneboarding is an official extreme sport. Being dragged by a drone up the incline of a snow-covered peak is one thing, but being able to achieve the altitude necessary to do in-air tricks is something entirely different. One daredevil has tested a custom drone that can lift a person, allowing him to snowboard over snow mounds, houses, and more.

According to Eric Limer for Popular Mechanics: "YouTube stuntman Casey Neistat didn't invent droneboarding. But unlike the droneboarders that came before, Neistat has the custom-made equipment it takes to take the new sport all the way to its limits. No, you might not be able to buy a drone with enough power to lift a human, but you can make one.

Obviously the literal flying is the most eye-catching and extreme trick here, but it'd argue it's not the most exciting. That is reserved for the way the drone just lets him cook uphill, no ski-lifts required. I don't know about you, but I would not let a drone lift me up into the air under pretty much any circumstances. I would, however, gladly let one help me carve up the slopes."

To learn more, read "Droneboarding Just Got Extreme" from Popular Mechanics.