Targeted Training: EpertALERT Conference

Welcome to Targeted Training. Every week, we'll highlight a new training course from our Maintenance Management and Skills Training knowledge center. This week's training course is EpertALERT Conference from Azima DLI.

During the three-day conference, attendees will get the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other users of the program from their industries.

This course is intended for those who are new or require a refresher of the basic methods of the Azima DLI trending vibration programs or use of the ExpertALERT software.

The focus of ExpertALERT 101 will be on setting up your system, which include machine blocking, sensor orientation and database creation and you will learn the fundamentals of collecting quality data. On completion of this course you should be able to review the vibration spectral data and recognize the most common automated diagnostic result faults as well as generate and distribute reports.

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