Targeted Training: Asset efficiency optimization basics

Welcome to Targeted Training. Every week, we'll highlight a new training course from our Maintenance Management and Skills Training knowledge center. This week's training course is Asset Efficiency Optimization Basics from SKF.

To achieve asset efficiency optimization (AEO), it is imperative that organisations have a process that effectively uses asset information. Capturing and documenting asset information from operational and historical perspectives is a key component of a successful asset management program. This information can enable the organisation to balance maximum performance and minimal timely maintenance to achieve cost and production goals. Integrating the right information into a decision process is a critical link in achieving a world-class operation.

Companies that operate reactive maintenance have little control of assets. It is therefore essential that an evolution of maintenance practices and philosophies occur to maximise efficiency of the assets and their impact on operations and performance.

Using the AEO concept can help transform asset management to a competitive edge. To meet the collective facility performance goals, you must develop the proper balanced requirements for plant equipment individually. The plan must consider top-level business planning, system-wide analysis and must also include a shift from largely reactive to a proper mix of planned, proactive, predictive and reactive maintenance. This evolution must be sustainable and provide rapid results and payback.

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